About futurAGE



Go through life with the energy of youth! – The main goal of our clinic is to provide high quality medical service, based on the newest scientific achievements in medicine, biotechnology, cosmetology, pharmacology and gerontology.  The exclusive advantage of our medical and cosmetological services is an individual program, carefully made based on each patient’s needs, adapted to his or hers lifestyle, genetic fond, environment and specific psycho-physical structure. 

Our clinical practice is oriented towards anti-ageing medicine, which is based on these scientifically proven methods:

  1. Prolongation of patient’s biological age (rejuvenation of body), evident improvement of both physical appearance and overall health
  2. Stopping of external and internal aging processes which lead to wear-out of human body
  3. Stimulation of immune system, normalization and strengthening of bio-energetic, psycho-physical systems

The main package of our clinical service includes:

  • consultations by medical professionals from various  fields 
  • genetic, hormone and other tests
  • esthetic beauty procedures
  • vitamin therapy (intravenous) and other services

One of the main goals of our clinic – individual anti-aging program, carefully made for each patient and his or hers body, oriented to rejuvenation of organism, appearance and energy systems, strengthening and improvement of  life quality.