Rejuvenation of skin using injections – restoration of life to skin. During the procedure, small amount of hialuronic acid is injected to skin.

Hialuronic acid – main compound connective tissue. It retains moisture in our skin. The older we get, the less hialuronic acid remains in our skin. Fat glands become less active, and with a decrease of hialuronic acid, skin looses elasticity, smoothness and youthful color, skin tonus decreases.

Do biorevitalization and mesotherapy differ?

Yes, they do. Both procedures are applied in a field of aesthetical dermatology, but have different purposes.

  1. Composition. In mesotherapical cocktails, there are not only hialuronic acid, but also vitamins, nucleo acids, amino acids, antioxidants and other materials. In biorevitalization - only hialuronic acid is used.
  2. Effect. After biorevitalisation procedure you can instantly see the effect, after mesotherapy – the effect is noticeable after the whole course of procedures.
  3. The amount of procedures. Biorevitalization requires less procedures, from 2 to 4, mesotherapy 5-8.


Biorevitalization is applied in cases of:

  • healthy skin, for anti-aging purposes
  • loss of skin elasticity and resilience
  • dehydrated, dry skin
  • ”stressful skin”, effect of free radicals
  • small wrinkles
  • greyish, tired, “smokers” skin
  • before sun-bathing, also after
  • various stress
  • after giving birth
  • other


These procedures are usually applied on face, neck, decolletage regions. After biorevitalization, specialist will explain you how to take care of your skin at home.

Biorevitalisation is not applied in case of: epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, acute infections, fever, pregnancy and feeding women.

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