Hialuronic acid joint injections


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Given particular joint diseases or after trauma, cartilaginous joint tissue suffers – vanishes, looses elasticity, becomes exposed. It causes severe pain while moving, inflammations. The production of hialuronic acid disrupts, it constantly lacks.

Hialuronic acid is naturally produced intra-articularry, between the plates of cartilaginous tissue.

Functions of hialuronic acid (HA): joint lubrication, which helps to move smoothly, protection of cartilaginous tissue from wearing-out, buffer function and joint nutrition. HA gives lubrication to intra-articular fluid, stimulates its normal slide. In case of arthtrosis, a lack of HA amount and quality causes disorders and painful discomfort of joint.

In this case chondroprotectors – preparations which protect cartilaginous tissue - are used, from which hialuronic acid is most effective. Based on clinical trials, most effective, long-lasting effect of hialuronic acid occurs injecting in straight to the joint. These injections are not painful.

Hialuronic acid joint injections

  • HA, injected to the joint, ensures necessary joint lubrication and stimulates natural production of hialuronic acid
  • the effect of this preparation occurs only in specific area (joint) where it is injected
  • to ensure long-lasting effect, 3-5 injections course per week is recommended. After this course, depending on joint state (degree of arthrosis), effect lasts for 1-2 years.

The effect of hialuronic acid

  • when applied on time, it saves from possible joint and cartilaginous tissue damage, surgery and prosthesis
  • in many cases it significantly improves patient's well-being, decreases discomfort while moving
  • prevents painful joint inflammations caused by arthorosis

Hialuronic acid injections – more flexible, stronger joints and healthier cartilages

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Hialuronic acid joint injections
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