Pain management


Suffering from pain? Do You repeat yourself daily “pain will go away”?

Don't suffer anymore, we are offering You a solution – safe and effective way to deal with your pain. Especially effective pain treatment procedures will help You to quickly reduce pain and enjoy great well-being.

Many, not only elder, but young people know what pain is. Due to decreased physical activity and sedentary work, pain becomes more and more frequent issue. For young people, pain arises from wrong posture, especially while working in front of computer while sitting, for elder – pain is caused by degenerative diseases.

Pain is caused by nerve root compression in spinal canal or its hole. The causes of this condition usually are herniation of intervertebral discs, spinal canal stenosis, osteochondrosis, vertebral injury.

Usually it occurs as neck, nape, waist pain, numbness in hands, difficulty to move.

Persistent pain burdens life, causes severe discomfort.

Is it worth waiting for pain to go away?

That's why, when pain emerges, it is necessary to consult a doctor, who will professionally assess your health condition and examine initial cause of the pain.

To all these alterations, careful examination is necessary. It can be x-ray imaging, computed- tomography, ultrasound or MRI – safe tool of visualization which uses magnets, not x-rays for imaging.

Many pain attacks can be treated using manual therapy, osteopathy, anesthetic blockades, massages, intravenous vitamin therapy.

If you are experiencing pain, it is hard for you to move, work or live actively and you want to regain your active, healthy and pain-less lifestyle, come to our clinic and specialists will help to forget your pain!

Pain management
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