Vacuum massages using STARVAC device


This device is used both in aesthetic field and medical care. Combining vacuum massages and mesotherapy

procedures, exercise, a healthy diet, you can achieve maximum results.

Vacuum massage using STARVAC device is effective for:

  • cellulite treatment
  • improvement of skin condition and metabolism
  • slowing down of aging processes
  • flaccid, sluggish skin
  • scar healing
  • weight loss


The effect of this device:

  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • activates metabolism
  • promotes collagen and elastin production in skin
  • -astens lipolysis
  • has sedative effect on central nervous system
  • strengthens immune system


To achieve efficient result, it is recommended to complete 10-15 procedure cycle, depending on the issue and its severity.

Attention: It is strongly advisable to consult a doctor if having severe medical conditions

Vacuum massages using STARVAC device
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